Music Care for professionnals

Music Care is a therapeutic solution for personalized pain management that also addresses its related components : anxiety, stress and depression.

Music Care Research & Development offers innovative tools for the prevention and management of pain, anxiety and depression.

Music Care is simple to use and easy to implement. The app is ergonomic and your care staff trained in two days at their place of work.

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Music Care for patients

Care through Music Care is clinically proven to :

  • Fight against acute pain and chronic pain
  • Aleviate anxiety, depression and stress
  • Lower consumption of pain medication
  • Improve memory of Alzheimer patients
  • Promote better sleep
Acute and chronic pain
Sleep disorders, anxiety and depression
Excessive drug consumption

How Music Care works

Based on the principle of hypno-analgesia, the MUSIC CARE "U-Sequence" music therapy sessions are aimed to change your state of consciousness by changes in the musical discourse. The verbal suggestions used in relaxation therapy or hypno-analgesia, are here replaced by a musical induction: hypnotic induction, hypnotic state and the recovery phase.

At the neurophysiological level, our music session stimulates the production of endorphins and dopamine which are effective in reducing pain.

The U-Sequence

Clinical Research

Music Care continually works to improve its applications through research.

To date, over thirty clinical studies and 150 abstracts were published by 20 university teams and research institutes worldwide.

The results of these clinical studies confirm the efficacy of our music care sessions in the field of pain and neurological disorders.