Since 1999, Prof. Jacques Touchon and Dr. Stéphane Guétin have developed together innovative solutions to help improve quality of life and well being, in an efficient manner, through music.

They have been focusing their efforts on evaluating the benefits of music by conducting numerous clinical research studies that have been presented at international congresses and published in international scientific journals.

After establishing the Association of Music therapy Application and Clinical Research (AMARC) in 2003, Dr. Stéphane Guétin created the company Music Care in 2008, whom Prof. Touchon is president of the R&D committee.

With the desire to combine music and medical treatment, they established together in 2011 the first university diploma (D.U.) called "Art-therapy and Music Therapy adapted to seniors" at the Montpellier University Hospital. In 2015, they started working with Julie De Stoutz, Training Director for Music Care, on a specific academic program called "Music & Clinical Neuroscience".

Doctor Stéphane Guétin
Doctor Stéphane Guétin

  • President and Founder of Music Care
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology Laboratory (LPCP), Research Unit EA4056, Université Paris V-René Descartes
  • INSERM U1061, Centre for Memory Resources and Research, Montpellier University Hospital
  • Member of the French Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain (SFETD)

Docteur Stéphane Guétin
Professor Jacques Touchon

  • Chairman of the Music Care Scientific Advisory Board
  • Member of INSERM Unit 1061 on Neuropsychiatry: Clinical and Epidemiological Research
  • Head of the Centre for Memory Resources and Research at Montpellier University Hospital (from 2002 to 2014)
  • Dean of the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine and Head of the Neurology Department at the University Hospital for 10 years

Recording sessions

Our sessions are recorded in professional studios with renowned musicians so as to ensure high fidelity sound. Each recording needs to find the right balance between the original artistic creativity of the musicians and the scientific protocol common to all our sessions.


See how a few Music Care sessions were recorded at the Meudon studios in France: "Afrotherapy" composed by Tony Allen, "Reverie" composed by David Bismuth, "Jamaican Reggae" composed by Vin Gordon, "Around the Piano" composed by David Bismuth.

Our principal composers

We are passionate about our music and always involve talented musicians who are often known to the general public such as Vin Gordon-Bob Marley's legendary trombonist, or Ahmed Achour, conductor of the Tunis Symphony Orchestra.