Drug Abuse

We developed a personalized and standardized non-pharmacological treatment creating a significant decrease in drug consumption.

A clinically proven medical treatment to drug use by up to 62%.

In the past years drug use has exponentially risen to treat chronic pain and associate disorders. This overuse is the leading public health issue. MUSIC CARE© is a medical device based on music intervention that has been medically proven to drop psychotropic drug use with no side effects. We have performed clinical study published in medical journal showing results confirming the effectiveness in the management of chronic pain and create a significant decrease in drug consumption.
In a randomized controlled study among patients receiving MUSIC CARE© twice per day, 55% of these patients reported to no longer be taking anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants compared to 25% in the controlled group.
The MUSIC CARE© treatment can also decrease in drug consumption during an operation. The treatment has shown 2/3 reduction in midazolam sedation during coronary angiography under local anesthesia and sedation.
G Boccara, A Mazeraud, D Cassagnol, et al. MUSIC CARE reduced the sedative dose during coronary angioplasty: A control-case comparison clinical study. IASP 2018.

The MUSIC CARE© Protocol

The app helps assess pain, adjusts the time of the session, treats the pain and evaluates its effectiveness. MUSIC CARE© is performed by professionally trained medical personnel.
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    Step 1
    Patient is in a calm environment.
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    Step 2
    Musical preference questionary.
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    Step 3
    Pre-Evaluating pain levels.
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    Step 4
    MUSIC CARE© treatment.
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    Step 5
    Post-Evaluation report reactions.
The recommended MUSIC CARE© dosage for the pain treatment is 20-30 minutes per session unless mentioned otherwise by a licensed medical professional.
It is recommended to use MUSIC CARE© 2 sessions per day for 60 days for the pain treatment to be effective.

Scientific Publications

The effectiveness of MUSIC CARE© has been demonstrated by controlled and randomized clinical studies performed since 1999. The validated results have been published in highly respected medical journals.
  • Drug Abuse Studies
  • The effects of music intervention in the management of chronic pain: a single-blind, randomized, controlled trial
    Pain Center
  • Impact of music on anxiety among patients undergoing eye surgery under topical anaesthesia: a controlled, randomized trial
  • Effect of music on the sedative use during coronary angioplasty: a controlled study

Patients are relieved both in terms of physical pain and psychological.

MUSIC CARE© is welcomed by its patients & care givers. The majority of the patients receiving the treatment requested for at home treatment for pain management.
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MUSIC CARE© is used to treat pain in the following medical fields: