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What is a MUSIC CARE© Music Intervention treatment
The MUSIC CARE© treatment is based on Music Intervention that redeases pain levels, stress, anxitety, sleep disorders, druge overuse, and Alzheimer's desease.
Has the MUSIC CARE© treatment been clinically proven?
MUSIC CARE© has been performing clinical studies for over 15 years across the globe and is published in over 150 medical journals.
Is the MUSIC CARE© treatment free or there is a trial period?
MUSIC CARE© is a paid subscrption made available by a licensed medical professional. In some cases we do offer a free trial. Please contact us for more information.
How does the MUSIC CARE© treatment work?
The MUSIC CARE© treatment based on patient directed Music intervention principles. It is based on the autogenic relaxation technique with a proprietary method called the 'U sequence' that sedated the patient listening to the original music.
What is the MUSIC CARE© 'U sequence'?
Our clinically proven technique of the musical 'U Sequence' composition is based on the principles of hypnoanalgesia to fight against pain and anxiety. The music progressivly changes in 20-60 minutes to relax, relieve pain and sedate the patient.
Do I need a prescription to obtain MUSIC CARE© for personal use?
MUSIC CARE© is currently available only to patients being treated by a medical professional. The doctor or physician of the licensed hospital or clinic will provide a referral code to get access to the service.
What kind of music is on the medical device?
MUSIC CARE© compositions come in all Genre. We compose music for all tastes and cultures to connect emotionally with the patient. We currently offer classical, jazz, reggae, electro, rock and ambient compositions.
Do I need special equipment for MUSIC CARE© treatment?
MUSIC CARE© does require noise canceling headphones that are on top and around the ear. It is not recommended to use buds or any headphone that can be uncomfortable or disrupt the treatment.
Can I self administer a MUSIC CARE© treatment?
It some cases it is possible to self administer MUSIC CARE© when recommended by a physician or medical Profesional. At home, care will require minimal training sessions to make the treatment is being used appropriately for maximum potency.
Where is MUSIC CARE© located?
MUSIC CARE© headquarter are located in Paris, France. Its north American offices are located in Miami, United States. MUSIC CARE© also has research partners located in Montreal, Canada.
How do I obtain MUSIC CARE© in my Clinic, hospital or establishment?
To implement MUSIC CARE© is your establishment; please contact us to schedule a demonstration and information session. MUSIC CARE© offers in person and web video training sessions in North American and in Europe.
If I have technical issues who do I contact?
If you experience technical difficulties, please contact your MUSIC CARE© representative or contact us at any of the contact links found on our site. We will make sure to forward it to our technical support team who will follow up with and make sure you are no longer facing any issues.

Certified & Award Winning.

MUSIC CARE is the first application treating pain through music awarded and certified by medical institutions.
  • Victories of Medicine Nominated in the "Neurology" category

    Victories of Medicine Nominated in the "Neurology" category

  • Trophy of  "Hospital of Tomorrow" New Health - Paris HealthCare

    Trophy of "Hospital of Tomorrow" New Health - Paris HealthCare

  • Innovation Trophy  "Coup de Coeur" Award (FHP)

    Innovation Trophy "Coup de Coeur" Award (FHP)

  • SilverEco 2019 Trophy in category  "New Technologies"

    SilverEco 2019 Trophy in category "New Technologies"

  • Recognition and mention in "Magazine de la santé 2015"

    Recognition and mention in "Magazine de la santé 2015"

  • I2C Award in category "Care Innovation" for pain management

    I2C Award in category "Care Innovation" for pain management