Musical & Visual Immersion

MUSIC CARE© is a leader in offering clinical services a visually immersive experience alongside its proprietary music intervention treatment.

Travel far from your pain

MUSIC CARE© offers an immersive experience. Patients cease to be aware of their own physical state through a combination of images and sounds. This is frequently accompanied by a modified notion of time and reality.
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Pioneering research in immersive technologies for care

This immersive treatment is a product of years of clinical research. The result of combining the MUSIC CARE U-Sequence composition method with the power of visual immersion results in an extraordinary journey away from pain. It enables a state of deep relaxation and achieves optimal sedation.

A research partnership with a legend in the art of images

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is an environmentalist, activist, journalist and photographer. He has directed several films on how humans have an impact on the planet. He is particularly well-known for his book 'Earth from Above', and his film, 'Home and Human'. He is known for setting up the GoodPlanet Foundation.

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