Why use Music Care ?

Sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. Acute and chronic painExcessive drug consumption. Overall well-being

How to use Music Care ?

The U-SequenceMusic Care application

How Music Care works ?

The « U sequence » technique is based on the principles of hypnosis and relaxation therapy. The verbal suggestions typically used are replaced by a musical induction. This process enables Music Care to obtain the same impact of hypnosis but in a universal langage of music understood by people from all cultural background.

The musical sequence respects the different hypno-analgesia state (hypnotic induction, hypnotic state and the recovery phase). It is divided into several stages, each lasting 3-4 minutes in the same tone, that progressively enables the listener to relax. The state of relaxation is based on the reduction of musical rhythm, frequency and volume (the downward phase of the « U »). The maximum relaxation phase (the lower part of the « U ») is followed by a gradual increase of musical parameters, to end with rising dynamics (the upward phase of the « U »). The musical selection is personalized depending on the listener's music genre of choice (world, modern, classical, etc.).

The U-Sequence