Chronic pain

We have developed a personalized and standardized non-pharmacological treatment for pain, based on the principles of neuro-feedback.

A clinically proven medical treatment that reduces pain by up to 52%.

Chronic pain is a major health problem with significant emotional and social repercussions. The treatment of pain is based on comprehensive care, both physical and psychological. It is now proven that a combination of drug therapies with non-pharmacological methods can enhance the effectiveness of pain treatment.
At present, the international literature clearly describes the neurophysiological actions and potential applications of using music for therapeutic purposes in order to manage acute and chronic pain. The impact of music on the localization and intensity of dopaminergic activity has been demonstrated using neuro-imaging techniques.
Among our randomized controlled clinical studies, one study showed that 2 sessions per day for 2 months reduced the level of pain by up to 52% and reduced the consumption of both anxiolytics and antidepressants in more than 50% of patients in the MUSIC CARE© group. This effect was sustained for up to a month after the sessions stopped. MUSIC CARE© is simple to implement and effectively relieves pain.
Guétin S, Kong A Siou D, Guldner E, et al. The effects of music intervention in the management of chronic pain: a single-blind, randomized, controlled trial. Clinical Journal of Pain 2012; 28: 329–337

The Music Care Protocol

The app can assess pain levels, adjust the duration of the session, treat pain and evaluate its effectiveness.

MUSIC CARE© is implemented by professionally trained medical personnel.

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    Step 1
    Patient is in a calm environment.
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    Step 2
    Questionnaire on musical preferences.
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    Step 3
    Assessment of pain levels.
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    Step 4
    MUSIC CARE© treatment.
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    Step 5
    Post-treatment assessment and reactions.
The dosage recommended by MUSIC CARE© to treat pain is 20-30 minutes per session, unless otherwise specified by a licensed medical professional.
To achieve an effective treatment of pain, two sessions a day of MUSIC CARE© treatment are recommended, for 60 days..

Scientific Publications

The effectiveness of MUSIC CARE© has been demonstrated by controlled and randomized clinical studies performed since 1999. The validated results have been published in respected medical journals.

Patients are relieved both in terms of physical and psychological pain.

MUSIC CARE© is welcomed by its patients & care givers. Patients receiving the treatment requested for a continued at home treatment for pain management.
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MUSIC CARE© is used to treat pain in the following medical fields: